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Awakening the Power of Self-Publishing by Rudo Muchoko

Good Morning. Today I have a review for you for a non-fiction book on self-publishing. Huge thanks again to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours for providing me this read-and-review opportunity. Blurb Having worked in the publishing industry, it is fascinating how, once a book has been created and placed on Amazon, self-published authors tend… Continue reading Awakening the Power of Self-Publishing by Rudo Muchoko


2022 Quarterly Update

Okay, okay, so I may be a bit late with this update but better late than never right? To be honest, there really wasn't much to write before and with recovery from January's big surgery taking over 3 months I really haven't been in the mental headspace to post anything and I certainly haven't done… Continue reading 2022 Quarterly Update

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Camp NaNo April 2019 {Update}

We have hit the halfway mark in our Camp NaNo journey. How are you faring? I am edging towards my lower goal of 6k words. I made a lot of progress the first week but admittedly, as expected since the half-term holidays started I have struggled to write. Even when I get time I am… Continue reading Camp NaNo April 2019 {Update}

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Word Prompt Wednesday: Rug (2/01/19)

The Aim: Write a piece of flash fiction of any genre under 750 words. It must include the word shown in the prompt below. The flames had started to die down on the fire in the centre of the pit, surrounded by logs used as makeshift seats. Silvania had been camped here for 2 weeks… Continue reading Word Prompt Wednesday: Rug (2/01/19)