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Writing Season

I don't know about you but I love this time of year. Autumn is my favourite season. I love the colour changes in the leaves, hearing the crunch underfoot, the chill in the breeze and of course, lighting all the candles. There are other reasons I love this season the main one being what I… Continue reading Writing Season

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A Writing Haven: Leeds Writing Retreat

Good Morning. Today I am excited to bring you the downlow on a one-day writing retreat I recently attended. I was so overwhelmed and grateful when I won a position on a writing retreat of my choice through Writer's HQ. I have been a follower of Writer's HQ for a few years now and they… Continue reading A Writing Haven: Leeds Writing Retreat

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Camp NaNo April 2019 {Update}

We have hit the halfway mark in our Camp NaNo journey. How are you faring? I am edging towards my lower goal of 6k words. I made a lot of progress the first week but admittedly, as expected since the half-term holidays started I have struggled to write. Even when I get time I am… Continue reading Camp NaNo April 2019 {Update}