A5 Everyday Planner Set-Up


For those who have read my previous posts you are well aware I have so much love for my personal purple Malden. I’ve been using this as my main planner now since August, and personal size for over a year.

However I was feeling the need to change it up, go bigger. I may not have a busy life but as I didn’t want to crowd my pages I wouldn’t note a lot of things. The a5 allows me to write down everything I want to write down without feeling page clutter.

I decided to use my a5 pink Carpe Diem. I do have the new Ballerina Carpe Diem on pre-order and will swap to that in August if I am still happy using the A5 size.

I’m quite happy with this decision as I adore the Carpe inserts and they were just sat unused. I also don’t feel the need to decorate as much with these are they are pretty enough without additional decor.

I have added more sections than the Carpe originally comes with buy adding tabs along the top which then just leaves the side tabs for months.

The sections I have currently are:
* Account and Reference Numbers
* Incomings and Outgoings
* Contacts
* Notes
* To-Do
* Expenses
* April – December

I then have 2 plastic zipped wallets and a cardboard folder wallet.

Please find pictures of my current set up below.









Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Processed with VSCO with g3 preset



Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed a look around my planner:)

The Stationery Geekette x

3 thoughts on “A5 Everyday Planner Set-Up”

  1. Photo 4 shows your address…..some “bloggers” try and hide this for security purposes. I guess you’re not too worried it. Maybe, a re-do with a post-it over the address, or just a plain piece of paper in the pocket instead would be better?


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