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Bella Cutie and Buttons by Desi Cloete

Good Morning. Today I have a family review for the children’s book Bella Cutie and Buttons by Desi Cloete. The review will be given by myself, my 6yr old daughter and my partner and her father. Thank you to Anne from Random Things Tours and Desi for providing us this review copy.


‘The Adventures of Bella Cutie and Buttons’ is a funny and truly endearing story about the friendship between a little girl and a fox cub. Bella is a happy child who is curious about the world. Meeting the talkative fox cub Buttons opens her eyes to the beautiful natural world and amazing wildlife on her doorstep. The two friends get up to many funny escapades and the occasional bit of trouble, all portrayed in a charming and light-hearted way. This feel-good book is sure to bring a smile to both children`s and parents` faces.


My Review:

I enjoyed reading the adventures of Bella and Buttons. It was a sweet, mischievous set of tales which warmed your heart. The book had delicate illustrations throughout which really brought the story to life. Thoroughly enjoyable.

My Daughters Review:

“I really enjoyed the book, it was very cute and I wish I had my on fox to go on adventures with”

Daddy’s Review:

“Bella and Buttons were cute and I enjoyed reading about their adventures”

About The Author and Book

The author, Desi Cloete, lives in the picturesque Surrey Hills with her husband and six-year-old daughter. A keen reader from a young age, she discovered a passion for writing and illustrating short stories. Desi hopes her book will inspire children to value nature and develop an interest in wildlife conservation.

Twitter : @Desi_D_C

Publisher : The Conrad Press (14 Aug. 2020)

Paperback : 64 pages

Language : English


Thanks for reading,

Emma-Louise x

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