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The Unravelling of Luna Forester by Marisa Noelle

(AD) Good morning. Today I am sharing my review of The Unraveling of Luna Forester by Marisa Noelle, a dark fantasy horror. I would like to thank Zoe from ZooLoo Book Tours for providing me an e-copy to read and review.




When his best friend Luna is found catatonic after a devastating house fire, Matthew begins to fall apart.

“Take care of them, Matthew.”


“Protect my secret.”

“Of course.”

That’s the promise he made to her only three nights ago. A solemn vow to protect their large found family of humans and supernatural creatures alike.

Fated to love her for the rest of his life, and unwilling to break his solemn vow, Matthew knows the only person who can help Luna is her grandmother. Through the woods they must go, just like a fairytale. But the forest is filled with deadly peril: poisonous black moss, chimeras, and worst of all, members of their family who don’t want them to continue.

As they are picked off one by one, Matthew races to get Luna to safety, all the time doubting everything he thought was true.

Can Matthew untangle the twisted threads of Luna’s secret before he himself unravels?


It has taken me a lot to find the right words for this book and even then I feel I am severely lacking in describing my overall thoughts on it. First of all, let me say this, the story was gripping. From the first to the last page I was hooked.

This journey of 17 people, a family of sorts was something that captivated me from the very first sentence. I was enthralled and if real life didn’t come into play I would have devoured this in one sitting.

Matthew, Luna, Kerry, and all the other characters were unique and had personalities that all brought something completely different to the group.

As for the horror aspect, wow! it was so well done, the writing was fantastic. The descriptions of what happened had me on the edge of my seat, praying for the group, for their survival and I felt everything as if I was there myself.

The overall story was very reminiscent of a dark Little Red Riding Hood, Luna with the red jacket, the journey through the woods to the grandmothers house. Amazing!

The ending though, was what sealed the deal on what an absolutely phenomenal book this was. It was unexpected, it was so cleverly done and I have never read anything like this, or seen it done before. It left me speechless. Even now I am unable to verbalise how wonderfully done it was, how much I was amazed at the story.

I urge any lover of horror, fantasy, or those who just want to read a truly amazing book to go get a copy of this, and please, do let me know what you think if you have do have the pleasure of reading it.

About The Author

Marisa Noelle is the writer of middle grade & young adult novels in the genres of science-fiction, fantasy & mental health including The Shadow Keepers, The Unadjusteds Trilogy (The Unadjusteds, The Rise of the Altereds, & The Reckoning), and The Mermaid Chronicles – Secrets of the Deep.

She is a mentor for the Write Mentor program that helps aspiring MG & YA authors. With dual citizenship, Marisa has lived on both sides of the Atlantic and uses settings in both the USA and UK as inspiration for her novels.

When she’s not writing or reading or watching movies, she enjoys swimming. In the pool she likes to imagine she could be a mermaid and become part of some of her make-believe words.

Despite being an avid bookworm from the time she could hold a book, being an author came as a bit of a surprise to her as she was a bit of a science geek at school. She lives in Woking, UK with her husband and three children. You can find her on Twitter @MarisaNoelle77 or her website

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Thank you for reading.

Emma-Louise x

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