2022 Quarterly Update

Okay, okay, so I may be a bit late with this update but better late than never right?

To be honest, there really wasn’t much to write before and with recovery from January’s big surgery taking over 3 months I really haven’t been in the mental headspace to post anything and I certainly haven’t done much writing.

What Am I Working On?

Currently I am writing a YA Horror in hopes to publish with Question Mark Press as part of their Question Mark Horror series. Think 90’s Point Horror and Fear Street, that’s the sort I am writing.

I am having a lot of fun with it and I also did the R.L Stine Masterclass on writing YA and it was absolutely amazing. I gained so much knowledge from it.

I am also working on edits for my fantasy novel Project CF, this is not a priority at the moment so I’m not working on it that regularly. Once I have sent my first draft of the YA Horror in though I am to plough through these edits and get the book to beta readers.

Writing Motivation and Inspiration

I have struggled massively with feeling motivated and inspired to write since the start of the year. I had managed to write daily until I had surgery on 17th January, but being bedbound and mostly unable to move for the first 2 months of recovery and then on a lot of brain fog inducing meds for the last month I really haven’t had it in my to make any real effort with anything.

We’ve been going out a lot on trips now I am able to and refilling my creative well, as well as watching Masterclasses which have really helped. Slowly but surely I am getting back into the swing of things.

I am hopeful that as I continue to work on my wellbeing that creativity will also return.

Well that’s all from me. I am trying to be a little more consistent with posting here other than purely book reviews. Hope you are having a great 2022 so far and if anyone has any tips on getting motivated to write, please feel free to pop them in the comments below or dm me on Instagram at Authoremmalouise.

Thanks for reading.

Emma – Louise x

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