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Planning Your Goals and Achieving Your Dreams.

After reading numerous ‘self-help’ books I have given a lot of serious thoughts to what I really want from life. I am 33 almost 34 and not getting any younger.
I’ve always felt that life has been pretty average,  I haven’t been seriously unhappy with it all overall but I haven’t been ecstatically happy either.
I have always blamed certain circumstances for me not quite achieving the things I want, excuses for my lack of effort. Whether it is the fact I have the children to consider, not earning enough money,  not earning any money etc, there is always something.

The reality is though that non of these things really stop me, I allow them to become excuses because I either fear rejection or failure or it just feels too hard.

I want to tell my children and really believe it when I say “You can do anything you want”, the best way to show this though is for them to see it through me.


So I wrote down what I wanted and with the help of The Miracle Morning I started visualising myself living my desired life.

Once I have this done I then took each dream and wrote a list of goals that I would need to achieve in order to have the dream become a reality.

Once I had it all seperated down step by step I looked at the easiest/first steps of each and then narrowed it all down to prorities. What did I need to start with and what would come next. Each goal taking me a step closer to the dream.


Doing it this way makes things feel manageable and realistic. I want to live in Canada and that is no longer a pipe dream, it’s something that I can actively work towards, many of my goals intermingle and lead that ultimate big dream.

You need to ask yourself some questions when looking at what you want from life and be 100% honest in your answer.

I asked myself
1) Are You Happy in all areas of your life? (health, financial, career, home, family, friends, spiritual, relationship)
2) If not, why? What is missing?
3) If achieving just one of these goals would change your outlook and positivity?
4) Would I be happy not trying vs trying and failing?
5) What do you have to loose?

I personally believe if you want something enough you cannot fail, you can get knockbacks but you cannot fail.

Things to Remember :
~ EVERYTHING is achievable.
~ Faith in yourself is a necessity.
~ Don’t let anyone make you feel unworthy.
~ Surround yourself with positive people and distance yourself from those who bring you down.
~ Your desire for a better life will be stronger than your fear of failure.

This is a bit of how I have organised my Life Goals 🙂



I hope you enjoyed reading:)

The Stationery Geekette x

3 thoughts on “Planning Your Goals and Achieving Your Dreams.”

  1. Erm did I write this or did it come from my head? I’m in exactly the same place as you and have been having the same reflections the past few weeks. I’ve just turned 34 and have sat and written my 1year and 5 year goals 🙂

    We need to meet for that coffee xx


  2. Great post. I went through pretty much the same thing in my mid-thirties too!
    I think the really important thing to remember is you can do ANYthing, but you can’t do EVERYthing. Devote your time and energy to what is the most important to you. Prioritise whatever it is you yearn for. I wasted too much time on things that I COULD do but which didn’t put me closer to any of my real goals.
    Good luck with it all!


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